AMD’s Navi 24 GPU To Be Used Inside Radeon RX 6500XT Pictured in Leaked Renders

AMD‘s family of RDNA 2 graphics cards is a diverse one, spanning from somewhat entry-level to high-end options. So far, there are seven different SKUs available in the market with three different GPUs powering them. For a while we’ve known that a fourth GPU is getting added to that list along with at least two more SKUs and today we’ve finally got the first leaked renders of the all new Navi 24.

Navi 24 is most likely the final RDNA 2 GPU that’s going to be produced before AMD moves on to RDNA 3. However, it’s simultaneously the first RDNA 2 GPU to be manufactured using TSMC‘s 6nm process, as we covered earlier. AMD’s lineup of Ryzen 6000 “Rembrandt” mobile APUs is also said to be powered by the same node. Regardless, DISCLOSUZEN has given Videocardz some exclusive renders to look at and it seems that the Navi 24 has been pictured.

Navi 24 GPU | Videocardz

Navi 24 will become the new entry-level current-gen GPU from AMD and will powering at least two desktop graphic cards along with various laptop outings. Being the lowest-end option, it’s the physically smallest RDNA 2 GPU to date with a die size of only 141mm². As you can see in the picture above, Navi 24 seems to have only 16 clusters (Compute Units) as compared to the 32 of Navi 23. Each of those clusters is occupied by 64 Stream Processors which results in 1024 shading units. The bus-width of the memory is only 64-bit wide with 16MB of Infinity Cache.

Navi 24 is currently expected to power two upcoming Radeon desktop GPUs: the RX 6500XT and the RX 6400. The RX 6400 is likely going to be on OEM-only card which means it won’t be available for sale normally and will, instead, be largely utilized by system integrators. There’s also little known about its release date as of yet. The RX 6500XT, on the other hand is said to launch on January 19th. Both products will be unveiled on January 4th at CES 2022.

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AMD’s Navi 24 GPU To Be Used Inside Radeon RX 6500XT Pictured in Leaked Renders

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