AMDGPU LRU Bulk Move Functionality Increases Performance In OpenCL And Vulkan

Talos Principle Benchmarked

The Vulkan API has always favored the AMD graphics cards and it is unfortunate that not many developers provide proper support for Vulkan, but that has not stopped AMD from working on making performance even better. AMD’s Huang Rui and Christian Konig have been working on the AMDGPU LRU Bulk Move functionality that increases the performance of graphics cards when using Vulkan and OpenCL.

AMDGPU LRU Bulk Move functionality has been introduced in the new patch and Talos Principle was one of the games that were tested before and after implementing the patch. It is interesting to see that AMDGPU LRU Bulk Move functionality allows the performance of the game in Vulkan to increase from 147 FPS to 163 FPS. The same can be said about OpenCL workloads where latency decreased from 76 us to 40. This is very impressive indeed.

While the launch of AMD graphics cards was not as expected and the performance of the desktop cards was a bit underwhelming, it is safe to say that AMD has been working on providing proper driver support and that has allowed the company to provide better performance with each driver update. As compared to the original launch of the graphics cards, this is very impressive indeed and AMD has been able to tweak things to the max.

But team Red has not stopped there and is still tinkering with things, trying to make performance even better. Users want to get all the performance possible from the hardware that they have bought and that can only happen if AMD provides the hardware proper software support. I am sure this is something that users will appreciate.

According to the technical details provided by AMD:

when amdgpu_vm_validate_pt_bos() is called and we don’t have anything to do, we don’t move every BO one by one, but instead cut the LRU list into pieces so that we bulk move everything to the end in just one operation.

AMDGPU LRU Bulk Move functionality is a great feature and if we keep getting enhancements like these in the upcoming days then we should get much better performance out of AMD graphics cards as compared to what we at our disposal right now.

Talha Amjad
Talha has been in the tech industry for the last 6 years and is a current member of the PC master race.

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AMDGPU LRU Bulk Move Functionality Increases Performance In OpenCL And Vulkan

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