AMD’s Zen 4 ‘Raphael’ Based CPU Spotted Running DDR5-6400 Memory

AMD’s Zen 4 is just around the corner. Only a few days ago, we came across a possible R5 7600X SKU from AMD

Today, a screenshot came up at bilibili from Toppc (a renowned MSI overclocker from Taiwan ) of an AMD Ryzen 7000 CPU running DDR5 memory as shown on CPU-Z. The screenshot shows the AMD CPU running DDR5 memory having a 6400 MT/s transfer rate. The DRAM frequency stands at 3202.7 MHz.

CPU-Z Showcase of the possible Raphel CPU running DDR5 RAM | Toppc

No information present in the screenshot confirms whether this is an Intel or an AMD CPU. So, we rely on Toppc for verification. But if this does turn out to be an AMD CPU, then this will be Zen 4 because currently pre-Zen 4 CPUs have no support for DDR5 RAM.

Zen 4 and Intel’s Raptor Lake will allow for DDR5-5600 RAM support out of the box. Expect faster manual speeds via Intel’s XMP memory profiles and AMD’s upcoming EXPO technology.

It still remains unclear which memory was used, although it is 400MHz higher than the upcoming next gen MSI X670E’s supported DDR5-5600, so there might have been some overclocking.

Zen 4 is expected to launch sometime in Q4 2022. An announcement is rumoured on 15th September, 2022. Interestingly, Intel’s 13th gen has an expected announcement date of 28th September (2 weeks after Zen 4’s announcement) and a rumoured release date of 17th October. In light of this information, it is safe to assume that Zen 4 may land in the first week of October, 2 weeks before Raptor Lake, if things go accordingly.



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