AMD ‘Van Gogh’ Ryzen 5000 Ultra-Lower APU To Feature ZEN 2 Cores, RDNA 2 GPU, And Support LPDDR5 RAM?

The upcoming AMD Ryzen APUs, meant for laptops, notebooks, and ultrabooks could be a rather interesting mix of features and functionalities. While the next-gen AMD Ryzen mobility processors, codenamed ‘Van Gogh’ would pack the new RDNA 2 GPU and support the LDRR5 Memory standard, they will be based on the older ZEN 2 Core Architecture. The primary reason to stick to the older generation of ZEN cores is probably that AMD is readying these APUs for ultra-low power consumption.

AMD is reportedly building Ryzen APUs that will power the ultra-thin, and possibly, passively-cooled ultrabook or other mobile computing devices. These AMD Ryzen APUs will feature a very different architecture compared to the AMD Ryzen Cezanne APUs that are launching under the standard U and H series segments. Incidentally, both the Van Gogh and Cezanne APUs are intended for mobile computing devices, and both could be branded as AMD Ryzen 5000 Series.

AMD Van Gogh Ultra-Low Power Ryzen APUs CPU, GPU, And Rumored Features:

We recently reported how AMD is building a new line of mobility processors codenamed Cezanne. These APUs would be based on the new 7nm ZEN 3 architecture but still pack the older Vega graphics. These APUs would succeed the AMD ‘Renoir’ Ryzen 4000 Series of APUs which pack the ZEN 2 Cores and Vega GPUs.

The latest leak mentions that AMD’s Ryzen APUs that are part of the Van Gogh family will feature ZEN 2 CPU and RDNA 2 GPU architecture. Incidentally, the same two architectures have been reportedly incorporated within the next-generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony. However, buyers simply can’t expect performance anywhere close to the processors packed inside the dedicated gaming consoles.

With the use of ZEN 2 Cores, it is amply clear that AMD Van Gogh APUs will be based on an enhanced 7nm process node. The architecture has already proved itself in the current generation of AMD Ryzen 4000 Series Renoir APUs.

The Van Gogh APUs would feature the next generation RDNA 2 GPUs which will reportedly deliver an improved performance per watt design over RDNA 1. Although AMD is silent on the gains, rumors claim buyers can expect a 50 percent increase in performance per watt.

Incidentally, such high numbers could mandate the support for the next generation of LPDDR5 RAM. The new memory can handle the high bandwidth without forcing the CPU or GPU to throttle. AMD is reportedly designing the Van Gogh APUs with a starting TDP of just 7.5W. This means the APUS would be competing against Intel’s Tiger Lake-Y 9W and Tiger Lake-U 15W chips.

Why Is AMD Sticking To Older Generation Of ZEN 2 Cores Instead Of Packing ZEN 3 Cores In The Van Gogh APUs?

While the ZEN 3 Architecture is appealing for the Cezanne APUs, the use of older Vega GPUs is certainly not. It appears AMD is using the same tricks with the upcoming AMD Van Gogh APUs which will pack the newer generation RDNA 2, Navi 21, Navi 2x, or Big Navi GPUs but stick with the older generation ZEN 2 Cores. AMD was believed to be deep in the development of ZEN 3 Core Architecture. However, it now appears AMD might not be able to stick to the development schedule of the next generation of CPU architecture and is relying on the tried and tested ZEN 2 Cores even for the next-gen mobility processors.

AMD, on the other hand, seems convinced the use of ZEN 2 cores would allow it to fabricate CPUs with ultra-low TDP Profiles. According to the latest leak, the AMD Van Gogh APUs would consume anywhere between 7.5 to 18 Watts. Needless to add, these are some very low TDP numbers, and in real-world scenarios, the APUs could easily power a lightweight, ultra-slim computer, quite possibly a tablet or a two-in-one or multi-form-factor device. The most notable aspect of these ultra-low-power APUs is they can work effortlessly without any active cooling solutions.

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AMD ‘Van Gogh’ Ryzen 5000 Ultra-Lower APU To Feature ZEN 2 Cores, RDNA 2 GPU, And Support LPDDR5 RAM?

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