AMD to Deliver Custom SoCs to PS5 Console Manufacturers Starting Next Week

We reported that PlayStation has delayed the “PS5 reveal event” due to tensions in the US. The company believes that it is not a time for entertainment; instead, we should give space to other important issues. The reveal event was supposed to show gameplay previews, which many of us will be playing this holiday season. It was a strategically important event for the company as SONY is not pushing the PS5 as heavily as the Xbox Series X yet.

Regardless of the delay, reports show that the manufacturing process is going smoothly. Sony has already announced that the consoles will be ready in time for Christmas  According to a report published on a german tech site, AMD will start shipping the custom SoCs to the console manufacturers in the coming week. The production of both chipsets and the consoles will be slow but steady at the start. However, it will continue to ramp up until the third quarter before reaching peak production capacity.

The reports also show that SONY is taking quality assurances very seriously this time around. Every PS5 SoC will be tested individually in specialized sockets by a different company. It is a good sign as no one can forget the hardware issues the PS4 has had (especially the launch version) during its time.

Lastly, we already know the technical specifications of the console. It will have a 825GB custom SSD, 16GB of GDDR6 memory, and a UHD Blue-ray player. The console will feature a 8-core processor based on Zen 2.0 and a RDNA 2 based GPU with a max compute power of 10.28 TFLOPS.


Mohsin Naeem

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