AMD To Call New Ryzen Chips with Zen 3 5000 Series: At least 4 New Processors To be Announced Today

AMD has been really pushing on ahead with its Ryzen processors for the last couple of generations. Offering processing power and graphics performance in a package, these are really good. Not to mention, with the price they are being offered, Ryzen’s mobile processors have really made premium laptops quite inexpensive, relatively. Now, we have been exposed to a bunch of rumours about the next generation of its processors. These would be both desktop and mobile processors and we have received certain news regarding those.

AMD Ryzen 5000?

According to an article from VideoCardz, the company would be choosing to rename its upcoming class of processors. Instead of going for the 4000 series for its desktop series processors, the company seems to be jumping to the 5000 series. There are a couple of reasons for it. Firstly, we can look at the current mobile generation of AMD processors which are already 4000 series. Secondly, the new Ryzen Zen3 architecture is supposed to give huge leaps in performance. They are aiming for better gaming performance this time around. This is obviously aimed at its rival: Intel.

Therefore, the new nomenclature makes sense. The 5000 series would mean that there would be an amalgamation between the desktop series and the mobile series chips. People would not be confused about the latest generation and everything would be in line. Secondly, AMD wants to boast its performance numbers this time around. The “5000” number would definitely play a role at psychologically telling people that this would be a powerhouse.

New 5000 Series Ryzen Chips Would Be Coming Out Today

AMD will be announcing its 5000 series processors, namely the 5600X, 5700X, 5800X, and 5950X. Reports suggest that by October 20th, two of these would be launched. Perhaps we would find out more about this as the event is scheduled to take place in a couple of hours. Zen3 architecture is the one people may be most excited about!


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