AMD Showcases its Upcoming X670E Motherboards

AMD Meet The Expert gave AIB partners the opportunity to showcase their upcoming premium X670 motherboards for AMD’s Zen 4

The X670 motherboards feature support for PCIe Gen 5.0 and the new AM5 socket for AMD’s Ryzen 7000 CPUs. No Gen 5.0 GPU is currently available to the mainstream market, however, AMD and NVIDIA plan to release their next gen graphical solutions sometime in the next few months.

Interestingly, no board partner mentioned the maxiumum DDR5 speed supported by these motherboards. Adding on to that, easy M.2 SSD installation will be provided with these motherboards.


The MEG GODLIKE has been shown by MSI for the first time. The form factor used is E-ATX with 24+2 phase design and 105A power stages. 


BIOSTAR’s Valkyrie features the ATX form factor shipping with a 22 phase 105A VRM design.


The Crosshair X670E from ASUS has a 18+2 phase design along with 110A power stages. 


ASRock already showcased its X670E motherboards, only the PG Lightning variant is new to the party.

These new motherboards are expected to arrive with Zen4’s arrival on the 15th of September. Do bear in mind, you will need DDR5 RAM for these newer CPUs.

  • Announcement : 29th September, 8PM ET
  • Press embargo : 13th September,  9AM ET
  • Official Launch : 15th September, 9AM ET



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