AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3995WX HEDT CPU Leaks Online With Specifications Similar To EPYC 7662 Processor?

Right After AMD’s Lisa Su affirmed the arrival of ZEN 3 based Ryzen CPUs this year, a new top-end variant of the AMD Ryzen Threadripper has been spotted. Although details are scarce at the moment, the mere presence of a polished and commercially-viable HEDT CPU is a strong assurance that AMD is well on its way to meet its self-stipulated timeline.

An exciting new CPU from AMD has been spotted online. It appears AMD’s Ryzen 3000XT processors are not the only ones getting refreshes or updates. Even the premium AMD Ryzen 3000 Threadripper series are being refreshed. The new AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3995WX would undoubtedly compete against Intel’s premium line of Xeon processors.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3995WX Expected Specifications and Features:

The AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3995WX could be quite similar to the AMD EPYC 7662 processor. If accurate, this would mean the Threadripper PRO 3995WX will have ZEN 2-based 64 Cores and 128 Threads. Additionally, it would mean the CPU will feature 8 DDR4 channels. With these many channels, the AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3995WX will be able to run with up to 2 TB of up to DDR4-3200 RAM in UDIMM, RDIMM, LRDIMM variants. There would be certain specific ‘PRO’ features that would allow these chips to be a highly powerful workstation solution in the market.

The AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3995WX is expected to command its own specially designed new socket to accommodate the capabilities it shares with its server-oriented cousin. Some of the other expected but as yet unconfirmed specification lists claim the as-yet-unannounced premium AMD processor may be based on the WRX80 platform. In other words, the Threadripper PRO 3995WX may have up to 96 to 128 PCIe 4.0 lanes. About Thirty-two of those PCIe lanes could be SATA switchable.

There are about three models of the Ryzen Threadripper PRO that would get the refresh treatment. This means the Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3995WX could be similar to the Ryzen Threadripper 3990X, the Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3975WX, and the Ryzen Threadripper 3965WX would be the refreshed editions of Threadripper PRO 3970X and the Ryzen Threadripper 3960X respectively.

The WRX80 platform would align well with the purported specifications. In fact, AMD’s new WRX80 platform is actively being worked on by several board partners right now. Some reports claim AMD will be introducing its Ryzen Threadripper PRO lineup on the 14th of July which is next week.

Alap Naik Desai
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