AMD Ryzen Pro Based Lenovo ThinkPad 2020 Series Laptops With Thunderbolt 3 Specifications And Features Arriving In Q2 2020

The first of the AMD Ryzen 4000 APUs with integrated Radeon Vega graphics laptops have started appearing online. The latest Lenovo ThinkPad X13 and T14 Series to be revealed online have a versatile and powerful Thunderbolt 3 port, which could be easily paired with an external graphics card docking station and many other peripherals, without worrying about bottlenecks.

Premium Lenovo laptops with AMD Ryzen 4000 APUs, packing onboard Radeon Vega Graphics have appeared online. The specifications and features of the upcoming Lenovo ThinkPad Series laptops are quite versatile and meant to attract a wide range of buyers. The ThinkPad 2020 laptops pack 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 4000 APUs, but also come with Intel CPU option.

Lenovo ThinkPad T14, T14s, And X13 Laptops Featuring The Latest Processors From AMD and Intel:

Lenovo ThinkPad 2020 Series are the first laptops to be announced to have AMD’s Ryzen 4000 Pro-series mobile processors. At the recently concluded CES 2020, laptop makers seemed quite excited at the prospect of adding AMD CPUs to their portable gaming and computing devices. Lenovo too hinted at several options with AMD APUs.

Accordingly, the company is adding AMD Ryzen Pro 4000 CPU configurations to the X13, T14s, T14 laptops. Additionally, the AMD processors will be an option in the budget-conscious L14 and L15 models as well. Interestingly, the traditional Intel CPUs are also available. These laptops can also be purchased with 10th Gen vPro CPUs in Core i3, i5, or i7 variants. In fact, the premium, convertible ThinkPad X13 Yoga comes with only Intel CPUs.

The new Lenovo ThinkPad 2020 Series will be available in traditional black or silver chassis with a 14-inch or a 15.6-inch Full-HD or Ultra-HD display. The portable gaming and multimedia consumption devices also come with a Dolby Audio-badged speaker system. The T14s and the T14 are 17.2 and 17.9 mm thick respectively, whereas the T15 has a 19.1 mm thickness. Despite a large battery, they are surprisingly lightweight

The new Lenovo laptops feature the AMD’s Ryzen 4000 Pro CPUs or Intel’s 10th Generation Core processors (some come with vPro technology). The APUs are paired with up to 48 GB of DDR4-3200 RAM as well as up to 2 TB of SSD storage. Lenovo is also offering a discrete graphics option, but these devices will have NVIDIA’s Pascal-based GeForce MX330 GPU with 2 GB of memory.

Lenovo ThinkPad 2020 Series Laptops With AMD APUs Have Latest Connectivity Features Including Thunderbolt 3:

The new Lenovo ThinkPad 2020 Series laptops feature Wi-Fi 6, USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports and several other relevant connectivity options. Some devices also offer Wake on Voice feature which lets users wake up their laptops from sleep without lifting the lid or the keyboard. The most interesting port on the new laptops is Thunderbolt 3, which is rated at much higher specifications than the USB 3.0.

With the new AMD Ryzen Pro 4000 APU based Lenovo ThinkPad 2020 Series, the company is continuing with durability features that set the ThinkPad Series apart. The company assures the laptops undergo 12 MIL-STD-810G testing methods to offer reliable functionality in a wide range of temperatures, altitude, and weather conditions.

The new Lenovo ThinkPad Series with AMD APUs will be available in the second quarter of this year. The prices are expected to start at under $700 for the ThinkPad L14, L15, and L13 Series. The ThinkPad X13 and T14 will start at $849. The Lenovo X13 Yoga, which comes in Intel CPU option only, will start at $1,099. All the indicative prices are valid for the base variants, and expected to go up as buyers add components like RAM, storage and other features.

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