AMD Ryzen Owners Can Now Refund Their HTC Vive Wireless Adapters Due To Compatibility Issues

Many users, specifically AMD Ryzen owners, have been running into compatibility issues when using the HTC Vive wireless adapter. The wireless adapter for the HTC Vive allows users to achieve a cable-free VR experience, but since its release in September, a large number of users have had complaints regarding the accessory. In response, HTC has initiated a ‘customer return process’ which lets Ryzen owners refund their HTC Vive wireless adapters.

In the blog post shared today, HTC says that they are “actively looking into multiple reports of Ryzen incompatibility” and that this investigation will “take time”. It has been confirmed that the issue occurs on a “subset of Ryzen-based PCs”, and HTC will have to work with “multiple component manufacturers to identify the root cause.” 

Starting November 19th, HTC will begin allowing refunds outside of the normal return period for all “Ryzen-related returns”. HTC’s customer return process requires two things: Proof of purchase in the form of an order number or retailer invoice, and “validation of AMD equipment” to make sure that you own Ryzen-based hardware. Initiate the refund process by emailing the required information to HTC’s customer support at The company will respond within one business day with instructions on how to ship the wireless adapter back . The refund will be processed after HTC has confirmed the delivery of the shipment.

It took HTC nearly two months to address the issue, as many users have been reporting compatibility issues since shortly after the wireless adapter was released. HTC Vive compatibility check results on 2nd generation Ryzen chips say that the “processor may not be powerful enough to run Vive.” Judging from HTC’s response, there might be a long wait before this issue is resolved. Fortunately, those who don’t want to wait can now return their HTC Vive Wireless Adapters.

Farhan Ali
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