AMD Ryzen CPUs Are More Affordable Than Ever, Upto 20% Price Cut

Ryzen 7 2700x Available For $290

AMD Ryzen CPUs have gained a lot of ground due to the value for money that they have to offer. Since release, the 2nd generation of AMD Ryzen CPUs have become even cheaper. This could be due to the release of the Intel 9th generation CPUs but no matter what the case is, the consumer is still better off.

The top of the line AMD Ryzen 2700X comes with 8 cores and 16 threads, the same as the 9900K. When the CPU first came out the MSRP was $330 but now you can get it for $295. That is a 10% price but and this means that you are getting even more value for money now.

AMD Ryzen
AMD Ryzen Release Pricing Source: AMD

Talking about value for money the cost per core of the AMD Ryzen 2700X is now $36.875. The cost per thread is $18.437. That is very impressive indeed especially keeping in mind the high price of the Intel 9900K.

If this is too much for your budget then you can opt to get other AMD Ryzen series CPUs as well. The AMD Ryzen 2700, non-X originally released for $300 but now you can get it for $265. This means that you are paying $33.125 per core and $16.56 per thread. That is even better value for money if you need the higher core and thread count. The only drawback is that this CPU does not feature XFR like the X version.

The mid-range AMD Ryzen 2600X comes with 6 cores and 12 threads. The CPU originally released for $230, but now you can get one for $210. This means that you will be paying $35 per core and $17.5 per thread. This is a bit higher when looking at the price per core and thread, but overall it is much cheaper. You can check out the 2600X if you are not interested in getting the 8 core models.

You can get the non-X 2600 for $160, which is a 20% off the original MSRP. The 2400G has been reduced to $160. This might seem to be the same as the 2600 but this is an APU so you get the AMD Vega cores as well. In theory, you could game off this CPU alone but you won’t get great graphics. You can also get the 2200G for $100.

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