AMD Unveils Complete Ryzen 7000 Mobile Lineup Along With A New Naming Scheme

While we still are yet to see the Ryzen 7000 CPUs in action, AMD is changing the naming scheme for its mobile-CPUs. In the mobile department, AMD due to its efficiency has always had the upper hand as compared to Intel. 

The New Naming System

All CPUs (Mobile) released post 2023 will feature AMD’s new naming scheme which is divided as follows:

  1. The 1st number determines the year in which the CPU was released. For example, the 7 in ‘7640U’ means that the CPU is from 2023 (See picture below).
  2. The 2nd number is for the market segment. For example, the 6  in ‘7650U’ means that the SKU is from the Ryzen 5 series. Any CPU below the x3xx mark will come under the umbrella of the Athlon series.
  3. The 3rd number tells users about the architecture. For example, the 4 in ‘7640U’ shows that the CPU features the Zen4 architecture.
  4. The 4th number can be one of two possibilities, it will either be a 0 or a 5. For example, the 0 in ‘7640U’ shows that the CPU is a lower-end model within its lineup. Bear in mind, this number makes a difference in specific cases only.
  5. The character at the end specifies the form factor along with the TDP. For example, the U in ‘7640U’ means that the CPU will power Premium Ultra-thin laptops.
AMD Naming Scheme For Mobile CPUs Post 2023 | AMD via Videocardz

After that, we have some examples from AMD themself using the ‘new‘ naming system. From the example provided by team red, we now know that the Ryzen 9 7945HX is the highest end offering from the upcoming Dragon Range lineup featuring a 55W+ TDP.

In addition, have a look at the Ryzen 3 7420U. This is a yet-to-release CPU scheduled for 2023, however, it uses the old Zen2 architecture. 

AMD Naming Scheme Examples | AMD via Videocardz

The Complete Ryzen 7000 Mobile Lineup

AMD’s Ryzen 7000 Mobile lineup features 5 series. 

  1. 7020 (Mendocino)    
  2. 7030 (Barcelo-R)
  3. 7035 (Rembrandt-R)
  4. 7040 (Phoenix)
  5. 7045 (Dragon Range)
Ryzen 7000 Mobile Lineup | AMD via Videocardz

The table below shows more information that we gathered by AMD’s new naming scheme. Do note, for every individual series, the SKUs in between will vary in terms of performance and power consumption.

SeriesMarket SegmentArchitectureFeature Isolation
 7020 (Mendocino)    Athlon, Ryzen3, Ryzen5 Zen2Lower Model
7030 (Barcelo-R)Ryzen3, Ryzen5, Ryzen7Zen3Lower Model
 7035 (Rembrandt-R)Ryzen3, Ryzen5, Ryzen7, Ryzen9Zen3Lower Model
 7040 (Phoenix)Ryzen3, Ryzen5, Ryzen7, Ryzen9Zen4Lower Model
7045 (Dragon Range)Ryzen5, Ryzen7, Ryzen9Zen4Upper Model

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