AMD’s Ryzen 7000 APUs Codename Revealed

AMD usually keeps giving skeptical codenames to its GPU lineups. Although AMD’s internal codenames are completely useless for marketing purposes, they are helpful for following the advancement of specific graphics architectures.

The most anticipated Navi 3X GPUs have two new codenames, according to a recent leak. This announcement comes after the AMD Phoenix APU codename was made public. Therefore, each RDNA3 GPU expected to be released in the upcoming months now has a codename.

Previously the flagship Navi 31 GPU featured the codename “Plum Bonito”. However, the naming for Navi 32 and Navi 33 was unspecified but supposedly the 32 is to be named “Wheat Nas” while the 33 is “Hotpink Bonefish”.

Additionally, the “Pink Sardine” code name for the AMD Ryzen 7000 “Phoenix” APU has now been verified. The Sardine will come after the “Green Sardine” and the “Yellow Carp”. It’s noteworthy to note that Yellow Carp, Raven Ridge, Renoir, and the “0x15E2” PCI Device ID are all shared by Pink Sardine. AMD distinguishes between each of those APUs based on PCI revisions rather than assigning unique IDs to each of them.

“Pink Sardine” the codename for Ryzen 7000 APUs | Image: Freedesktop

Future leaks may contain these alternative naming, which should make it easier to distinguish between discrete and integrated GPUs. Previous leaks suggested that the upcoming Navi Lineup is to be equipped with higher VRAMs and faster performance portraying that upcoming times will be tough for Intel.



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