AMD Ryzen 3000 Series Specifications & Pricing Leaked, New Ryzen 7 Series Might Hit 5 GHz on Boost Clock

The AMD Ryzen 3rd Gen has been amidst the rumor mill for a long time. AMD made the 3rd Gen processors official at CES 2019. However, we didn’t get any decent information on the same.  Fans are still waiting for official specs and pricing. It seems like we have got some more information about the upcoming processor’s pricing, as per leaks.

The latest listing is somewhat similar to the leaks we saw last year. The prices, however, have witnessed a bump from the previous leaks. Or rather, the prices look more realistic now. As Wccftech reports, “Based on the Singaporean retailer’s listing (via Tomshardware), it looks like AMD is allegedly going to offer at least 10 Ryzen 3000 CPUs. Just like last time, we have the Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7 and the new Ryzen 9 parts which are mentioned here.” The interesting addition here is the presence of Ryzen 9. This is likely for the enthusiast range and will go head to head with the Core i9.

AMD 3rd Gen Ryzen Pricing | Source: Wccftech

Ryzen 9 & Ryzen 7- The High End & Enthusiast Range

The Ryzen 9 will feature the Ryzen 9 3850X and Ryzen 9 3800X. They will be a 16C/32T processor with 4.3/5.1 and 3.9/4.7 base/boost clocks respectively. The processors have a TDP of 135W and 125W respectively with pricing of 560$ and 505$ US. The Ryzen 7 series will feature the Ryzen 9 3700X and Ryzen 9 3700. Both will come with 12C/24T with 4.2/5.0 and 3.8/4.6 base/boost clocks respectively. The processors are speculated to be priced at 370$ and 335$ US.

Ryzen 3 & Ryzen 5 – The Mid Range & Budget Segment

Coming to the mid-range and budget segment. The Ryzen 5 series processors will have 8C/16T processors. While the 3600X will boast clock speeds of 4/4.8 Ghz with 95W TDP, the Ryzen 5 3600 will have 3.6/4.4 GHz clock speeds with a TDP of 65W. The AMD Ryzen 5 3600X is listed for $258 US while the Ryzen 5 3600 is listed for $200 US. Finally coming to Ryzen 3, the budget range processors. The Ryzen 3 series will be 6C/12T processors. As Wccftech adds, “The Ryzen 3 3300X would operate at 3.5 GHz base and 4.3 GHz boost while the Ryzen 3 3300 would operate at 3.2 GHz base and 4.0 GHz boost. The Ryzen 3 3300 would feature a TDP of 50W while the higher-end X SKU would have a TDP of 65W. The 3300X is listed for $145 US while the Ryzen 3 3300 is listed for around $110 US.

Prima facie, the processors look really promising. Although the prices do look inflated from the previous leaks, the earlier prices were too good to be true. Each lineup has witnessed a bump in the clock speeds and core count from its predecessor. While the leaks look a lot more believable now, take it with a grain of salt.


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