AMD Planning to Release Radeon RX 6300 Desktop GPU Exclusively for OEMs

AMD currently has two different RDNA 2 graphics cards based on the Navi 24 GPU in their lineup, the RX 6400 and RX 6500 XT. While the latter is aimed specifically at the mainstream gaming market targeting the entry-level segment, the RX 6400 was originally meant to be an OEM-only SKU but is on track to launch for the DIY consumer market soon. However, now, it looks like AMD is planning on adding a third model to this GPU lineup.

News broke yesterday that there is possibly yet another GPU coming from AMD very soon, a new entry-level option called the Radeon RX 6300. Popular leaker Komachi Ensaka, tweeted the names of three AMD GPUs yesterday with the word “New!” attached to the RX 6300, suggesting that AMD is finally ready to launch this GPU.

Source: @KOMACHI_ENSAKA via Twitter


AMD Radeon RX 6300

All in all, the tweet is trying to say that since the RX 6400, which was initially OEM-only, is now launching for the mainstream market, AMD needs a new OEM exclusive. The RX 6300 will, therefore, become that new OEM exclusive GPU meant for entry-level systems. And as far as the existence of the RX 6300 is concerned, it is an uncontested question as AMD themselves have pretty much confirmed it.

In the release notes of the latest version of the GPU Performance API (version 3.10), AMD disclosed that this version adds support for additional GPUs, including AMD Radeon RX 6300, confirming that the card is out there and that it is eventually coming. Now, with Komachi’s tweet, we know that the card is closer than ever to release. Perhaps AMD will do a silent release of the RX 6300, just like they did with the RX 6400 which launched without any official announcement.

GPU Performance API version 3.0 confirming the existence of the RX 6300 GPU | GPUOpen, AMD

As of now, the RX 6300 upon launch will become the slowest (desktop) member of the RDNA 2 graphics family. Current speculation suggest that the card will feature 2GB of GDDR6 memory across a 64-bit wide bus, the same as RX 6300M. Interestingly enough, the RX 6300M, which is the mobile version of the RX 6300, is not mentioned in the release notes of the GPU Performance API even though it is already out in the market.

Since there is no official announcement yet, we can further hypothesize that AMD may be looking at lowering the Stream Processors count, which will make the GPU even slower than it is. At that point, you may be looking at performance so subpar that one may start considering APUs with integrated graphics as they would likely offer a better deal. Regardless, it will be interesting to see whether AMD announces the RX 6300 officially in the coming days or weeks, or if they decide to make this card sit out the press and opt for a silent release instead.

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AMD Planning to Release Radeon RX 6300 Desktop GPU Exclusively for OEMs

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