AMD RX 3000 Series GPUs – Specs, Pricing, Release Date & More Leaked

If you’ve been following hardware news over the last couple of weeks, then in all probability you would’ve heard about the trending rumors regarding AMD’s upcoming lineup of processors and graphic cards. Today we get some more information about the GPUs, thanks to an article posted by overclock3d, with reference to a post on Chip Hell forums.

The Leaks

First, we had the Ryzen 3000 series processor lineup leaked by AdoredTV last week, a channel which has been associated with a number of leaks in the past. The leak revealed the whole lineup of upcoming Ryzen CPUs, starting from 6C/12T models priced at just 99$ to all the way up to 16C/32T models priced at 499$. The specifications were a hard pill to swallow, but they looked still pretty much possible, given the fact that all these were achievable on 7nm manufacturing process.

Secondly, we had the entire lineup of Radeon 3000 series leaked, with some staggering specifications. The GPUs, like expected, were based on the 7nm architecture and Navi 10 GPU. First, we had the RX 3080 with 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM, 150W of TDP and priced at around $250 with performance apparently be 15% faster than the Vega 64. Speaking of the Nvidia counterpart, the RX 3080 would be toe to toe against the RTX 2070.

Secondly, we had the RX 3070, priced at 200$. The RX 3070  would also come up with 8 GB of GDDR6 memory and 120W of TDP. The 3070 would be equivalent in performance with Vega 64, while it would compete with the RTX 2060 on the Nvidia side.

Finally, we have the RX 3060, which will be priced below 130$, have a TDP of 75 W – meaning you won’t need a power supply with extra power connectors for your GPU, and it would have 4GB of DDR6 memory. Like expected, it’ll compete against the GTX 1060 or the RX 580. As reported in Chip Hell forums, the GPUs will hit the market in Q2-Q3 2019, and an announcement will be made in CES 2019.

Our Thoughts

One of the most striking features of the leak was power consumption. AMD is likely going to pull of something similar to what Nvidia did during the launch of Maxwell, reducing power consumption significantly. The expected performance also raises a bigger question mark on Nvidia Turing GPU’s pricing, given that AMD is aiming for similar performance at significantly cheaper MSRP. But, there is a catch, or rather two. First,these cards are not going to feature Ray Tracing, and although that addition is pretty much useless at this point, it still might play a role for others. And secondly and the most important thing is that all these are RUMORS, and they should always be taken with a grain of salt. But if there is even a bit of truth to these leaks, then AMD is all set to give some serious competition to both Intel and Nvidia.

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AMD RX 3000 Series GPUs – Specs, Pricing, Release Date & More Leaked

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