AMD’s Roadmap for Desktop CPUs Leaks Out Depicting Multiple Releases

The Ryzen 7000Zen 4” 3D V-Cache parts, along with next-generation Threadripper & APUs, are depicted in a purported AMD desktop CPU roadmap that has surfaced online.

The roadmap, which solely includes desktop CPUs such as Threadripper, Ryzen CPUs, and Ryzen APUs, is rumoured to be shown during an AMD Ryzen 7000 launch event. AMD appears to be planning one unique update for each series in 2022–2023. The Ryzen 7000 or Zen 4 CPU family, which has been formally available since September 27, is the first and most noticeable.

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The X3D or 3D V-Cache parts, which are mentioned, will be the next significant update to the family. However, it appears that these chips may arrive in early 2023, which is a little later than what the company stated during their Financial Analyst Day 2022. The improvements to the Threadripper and Ryzen APU ranges are the other two releases, albeit they are not listed in the roadmap.

The little dotted boxes on the roadmap’s extreme right indicate that AMD may be getting ready to release its next-generation Threadripper and Ryzen APU family.

With both parts scheduled for release in the second half of 2023, it will be more than a year before we see the next-generation Ryzen APU & Threadripper families. Both of these will also be marketed under the Ryzen 7000 family as Ryzen Threadripper 7000 and Ryzen 7000G.

Having said that, AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper 7000 CPUs have already begun to appear, and the Ryzen 7000G lineup, which is expected to debut in late 2023, will essentially use an updated design that may even include Zen 4 with RDNA 2 or RDNA 3 cores like the Phoenix Point APUs and launch on the AM5 platform with DDR5 support, is expected to use an updated design as well.

AMD Ryzen 9 7950X being announced | AMD

Additionally, AMD’s Ryzen G-Series should receive an update the following year, probably in the shape of Ryzen 7000G series. Only a block beginning in the second half of the year is visible, indicating that 5000G will have been replaced by then.

However, it appears AMD still has intentions to maintain some 4000/5000G series, therefore AMD is obviously still considering keeping the AM4 socket in place.

Source: @benson60843125


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