AMD Radeon Super Resolution is the Company’s Latest Scaling Tech Built on the Backbone of FSR

Just months ago, AMD launched FidelityFX Super Resolution, its flagship image scaling tech that was supposed to rival NVIDIA‘s DLSS and Intel‘s upcoming XeSS solutions. In actuality, though, it wasn’t quite as effective as made out to be and that’s because it had fundamental differences to both of the aforementioned rivals. FSR simply put, wasn’t competitive against the super-sampling giants. That’s not to say it was DOA, FSR has grown to be supported by a myriad of games and continues to breath new life into old and current titles for budget gamers.

However, it looks like FSR wasn’t good enough for AMD and they’re now looking to launch a new scaling tech that’s built on the backbone of FSR. As reported by Videocardz, Radeon Super Resolution is AMD’s answer to NVIDIA Image Scaling (NIS) and looks to democratize FSR in the process. Unlike FidelityFX Super Resolution, RSR will work on almost every game out there without any developer implementation required.

Radeon Super Resolution

RSR is reportedly based on FSR 1.0 algorithm but doesn’t require to be put somewhere in the graphics pipeline. Like DLSS, FSR is a proprietary scaling tech and it requires developers to implement it on a game engine level; in other words—place it within the graphics pipeline. This takes a lot of time and effort as the developers have to go out of their way to work all this in. The new RSR tech aims to eliminate the need for this.

AMD Radeon Super Resolution logo | Videocardz

Radeon Super Resolution will work through the Radeon software driver. So, all you’ll need to do is toggle it in the Control Panel and you’re golden. It will work as sort of almost a filter over the game after the image actually has been rendered, which allows it work with pretty much every game out there. Because of that, there is one catch though, RSR will only work with games that support Exclusive Full-screen mode. Don’t fret just yet as all modern games support that, plus most older titles do, too.

RSR is said to work on both RDNA 1 and RDNA 2-based graphics cards from AMD, so RX 5000 and newer. There’s no word on support for older GPUs or rival cards from NVIDIA supporting RSR. It will help boost your FPS by rendering at a lower internal resolution than upscaling the image for the final result. Videocardz also highlighted that they don’t have any info that says the tech will work on older titles that have borderless fullscreen modes.

AMD is set to unveil Radeon Super Resolution at CES 2022 where they plan to announce a whole slew of new products including new mobile CPUs. The company will also introduce the RX 6500XT and RX 6400 which will become the new entry-point for RDNA2 graphic cards and offer a budget-oriented current-gen option to many. It will be interesting to see how RSR works to empower these new cards and squeeze out that last ounce of performance.

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AMD Radeon Super Resolution is the Company’s Latest Scaling Tech Built on the Backbone of FSR

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