AMD Radeon RX 590- Official Slides Revealing Pricing, Specs & Performance Leaked

If you were disappointed by the RTX series like a majority of the community and was waiting for AMD’s response, then there is some good news for you. The RX 590 has been a part of the rumor mill since quite some time now, and there has been a number of speculations regarding its specifications. As HD Tecnolgia reports, the official slides from the RX 590 Press Deck are here. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

The first slide reveals that the RX 590 has 36 units of computation, 2304 Stream Processors, 8GB of GDDR5 ram, 256-bit bus, and a bandwidth of 256GB / s. While the number of stream processors is pretty much the same as compared to the 580 and 480, the 12nm process ensures that the clock speed gets a considerable bump with base and boost clocks being buffed up to 1469 and 1545 Mhz respectively as compared to the 580’s 1257 and 1340 Mhz.

RX 590 Slide 2 Souce – HDTECHNOLOGIA

The second and third slides showcase the GPU’s performance as compared to the GTX 1060 and the graphics card’s design along with the pricing respectively. Let’s talk about the benchmarks first. Given the price point of the GPU, the 590 competes with the GTX 1060 as expected. While there is no mention about whether it’ll feature 9 Gbps or not, the 590 should comfortably beat the GTX 1060 in all the benchmarks, with the performance jump ranging from 10%-25%. Speaking of the design, it’s pretty much similar to the 580, but it comes with extra LEDs from what we can see.

RX 590 Slide 3 Souce – HDTECHNOLOGIA

The 590 does look indeed promising given the fact that it offers some decent performance jump over the GTX 1060 at the same price point, and, it does support Freesync. Freesync is probably the most striking feature which sets the 590 apart from the GTX 1060 given the fact that G-Sync monitors are really expensive compared to their Freesync counterparts while offering no significant improvement. While there is no doubt that AMD is gonna rule over the price segment after the 590’s launch, there is still doubt over the fact whether it’ll be worth buying since 7nm GPUs are in the pipeline and will probably hit shelves next year.

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