AMD Radeon RX 590 and Radeon RX 580 Graphics Cards To Cost $229 and $199 Respectively After Price Cuts

During the cryptocurrency mining era recently, every mid-range and high-end was short in supply. This led to a boom in GPU prices all over the world. Fortunately, times have changed since then and AMD is even getting ready to lower prices on it’s Radeon RX 580 and 590 cards.

AMD has never been able to compete against Nvidia at the higher end GPU market. However, AMD GPUs have recently been giving Mid-range Nvidia cards a run for their money. Especially AMD’s Polaris architecture based cards, like the Rx 500 series.

The RX 580 and RX 590 are AMD’s best mid-range GPU’s at the moment. Both cards feature the same GPU configuration of 2304 stream processors, 144 TMUs and 32 ROPs. They even sport the same memory configuration of 8 GB GDDR5 VRAM. The only difference between the two cards is that the RX 580 is built on the old Polaris 20 GPU architecture while the Radeon RX 590 is based on the newer Polaris 30 GPU architecture. You can read more about the specifications of both the cards here.

Price Cut

Recently, Twitter user @BitsAndChipsEng tweeted out that AMD would be reducing the Prices of the RX 580 and RX 590 cards. This does not come as a surprise as AMD is most likely doing this to be more competitive with Nvidia’s new infamous Geforce GTX 1660 Ti. The GTX 1660 Ti offers better performance and more features for the same price as the RX 590. It is also rumored that AMD might be releasing their Radeon Navi GPUs in July, the Radeon Navi GPUs will be replacing the current Polaris architecture GPUs, hence the price cuts could be to clear inventory of Polaris cards before the arrival of the new cards.

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AMD Radeon RX 590 and Radeon RX 580 Graphics Cards To Cost $229 and $199 Respectively After Price Cuts

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