AMD Radeon RX 590 3DMark Benchmarks Leak, Polaris Based 12nm Chip

High Power Draw Expected

With Nvidia’s RTX line slowly rolling out in the market, it was about time AMD brought something of its own. A new leak has pointed to the coming announcement of AMD Radeon RX 590. The graphics chip was spotted recently in the 3DMark database. This was first brought to notice by VideoCardz.

According to the data, RX 590 is expected to have a 1545 MHz clock which is 205Mhz above the previous RX 580 graphics card boost clock. The memory close stands at 2000 MHz but at the time we do not know if it features a GDDR5 an HBM memory type. However,  it is most like to be GDDR5 as it is the cheapest memory available in the market.

The rising costs of manufacturing demand the use of cheaper components and GDDR5 helps keep the cost down. The results show around a 10% improvement compared to RX 480.

Results Source – VideoCardz
GPU info Source – VideoCardz

While details are yet to be confirmed, it is believed that the new AMD chip would feature Polaris architecture. The Polaris architecture is created on top of a 12nm node for better power consumption. What’s a little disappointing that seem to be just overclocking Polaris here rather than creating something new. It 10% higher clocks for 10% more performance.

AMD should be making an official announcement in the coming days alongside a fall 2018 release window.

AMD has been lagging behind Nvidia in the GPU market for some time and at this point, a new architecture that offers GPUs comparable to Nvidia top of the line cards are required.

AMD Navi is expected to compete with Nvidia 2080 and 2080Ti but they could also dominate the mid-range space. Rumor has it that we will see the new cards by the end of Q1 2019.

14nm Vega 10 and Polaris 10 GPUs feature 4,096 Stream Processors for Vega and 2,304 respectively. Thanks to the 7nm process, AMD can add 1.6x more logic into the same die space.

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