AMD Preparing To Bring Out New X499 Chipset For TR4 Processors Q1 of 2019

There have been rumors spreading around about AMD planning to bring a new motherboard generation with the 2000 series Ryzen Threadripper processors. The hardware partners should be introducing the X499 boards at CES 2019 which is going to be held in January, which means we could see a Q1 release schedule.

The X499 chipset would offer several improvements over the X399 and a I/O hub. However, the specifics of the improvements are yet to be revealed. The X499 was expected to come out along with the 2nd generation Threadripper but instead, we got the upgraded version of the  X399 chipset. X499 is expected to be a brand new chip instead of another upgraded version of the previous generation, the vendors for the motherboard are expected to be same as before including MSI, Gigabyte, Asrock and Asus.

Over that, there are rumors and talks about the plans that AMD has for a Z490 chipset on the AM4 platform. The Z490 would be a tier higher from the X470 which is currently the highest tier AM4 platform chipset, including a PEX chip on the motherboard, although these are just speculation and talks and could be debunked later on.

Source- TweakTown

Although, both the X499 and the Z490 would seem like a welcome addition to the AMD motherboard family, it isn’t very clear what space they would fill in as the X399 is totally adequate to work with the new Threadripper processors and the X470 also offer everything you would need with the AM4 processors, so the place in the market for these two speculated chipsets is still to be discovered.

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