AMD Next Generation Zen 2 And Navi Products Will Be Based On 7nm Process From TSM

GlobalFoundries Will Only Work On Current Portfolio

GlobalFoundries has stopped working on the 7nm process even though it was planning to be the industry leader when it came to new process. Now AMD Zen 2 CPUs and Navi products based on the 7nm process will come from TSMC. AMD Zen 2 CPUs should be coming out next year and after that, the 7nm+ process will be introduced.

Talking about AMD Navi, it will be the architecture that is going to come after Vega. We have heard that the Sony PS5 graphics are powered by the same architecture but we not sure regarding the matter. This information comes from none other than AMD’s Mark Papermaster. The following is what he had to say in this regard:

At AMD we have invested heavily in our architecture and product roadmaps, while also making the strategic decision to bet big on the 7nm process node. While it is still too early to provide more details on the architectural and product advances we have in store with our next wave of products, it is the right time to provide more detail on the flexible foundry sourcing strategy we put in place several years ago.

The move from the 14nm process to the 12nm process was a small one but we did get some boosts in terms of clock speeds. AMD Threadripper also got double the cores. The previous generation offered 16 cores but the new one offers 32 cores instead. That is a huge bump. Furthermore, you can expect even better performance gains from these upcoming AMD Zen 2 chips that are going to be based on the 7nm process from TSMC.

AMD’s next major milestone is the introduction of our upcoming 7nm product portfolio, including the initial products with our second generation “Zen 2” CPU core and our new “Navi” GPU architecture. We have already taped out multiple 7nm products at TSMC, including our first 7nm GPU planned to launch later this year and our first 7nm server CPU that we plan to launch in 2019.

For more information regarding AMD Zen 2 and Navi graphics that are going to be coming out soon, stay tuned.

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AMD Next Generation Zen 2 And Navi Products Will Be Based On 7nm Process From TSM

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