AMD Inaugurates New Research Facility In New York

In recent years, AMD’s sales have outpaced, resulting in rapid company expansion. With a development budget of hundreds of millions of dollars per quarter, AMD is undoubtedly looking for more employees, and this time, it is opening a brand-new CPU design center in New York.

According to the hiring entry on AMD’s website, AMD’s CPU division intends to hire verification engineers, a CPU core performance architect, and a “senior Infinity Fabric verification engineer.” Given the variety and nature of the positions available, we may be looking at the expansion of AMD facilities.

AMD’s New York Facility Is Set To Release Cutting-Edge Technology | Image: Bloomberg


Following the resounding success of the Ryzen CPU for client devices and the EPYC processor for data centers, AMD’s R&D budget increased from about a billion US dollars in 2016 to about $2.8 billion in 2021 providing the company with immense resources to develop hardware and software.

A corporation may utilize every resource at its disposal to expand its current operations or start new ones. AMD’s recently established New York R&D center fulfills the second function. Time will tell whether New York will produce any groundbreaking architecture. But for now, AMD is strengthening its development capabilities.

Muhammad Zuhair
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