AMD RDNA 3 Based Navi 3X Chip Shown In Unofficial Renders

AMD’s RDNA 3 based SKUs are just around the corner which will make use of the Navi 3X chips namely Navi 33, Navi 32, Navi 31 where Navi 31 is the flagship chip.

Over at Twitter, @_wildc posted some fan-made renders of the upcoming Navi 31, 32 and 33 chips.

Navi 31 , Navi 32 and Navi 33 | @_wildc
These designs are based on the rumours regarding the chip design used in the various Navi 3X GPUs. In a recent article, we came to know that Navi 31 will comprise of 6 MCDs surrounding the main GCD rather than the old monolithic design (one main GCD) used in previous generations. The same pattern can be seen along Navi 32 where the main GCD is bordered by 4 MCDs
No official information has been given regarding the size of these abovementioned chips, however, the Navi 31 will allegedly have a GCD size of 350mm² and when all the MCDs are taken into account, the total die size amounts upto ~600mm² , roughly equal to NVIDIA’s AD102

The flagship SKU, Navi 31 will ship with 48 WorkGroup Processors (WGP) and up to 12288 Stream Processors, although cut-down variants may have fewer cores. 

Navi 32, for the mid-range market is apparently packed with a massive 32 WorkGroup Processors (WGP) and 8192 Stream Processors suiting the needs of those on a budget. 

As for the entry-level market, the Navi 33 will use the monolithic design meaning you wont see any additional MCDs along with a smaller GCD rather a full sized GCD containing all the cores, processing units will be utilized. It is important to note that Navi 33 will be based off TSMC’s 6nm process node, whereas the latter GPUs (Navi 32, 31) will resort to TSMC’s 5nm and 6nm technology.

These next gen GPUs are set to launch sometime in Q4 2022, however, actual release dates are still unknown as of now. 

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