Upcoming AMD Mobile GPU Codenamed ‘Renoir’ Specifications And UserBench Leaked

An AMD GPU meant primarily for laptops and high-end notebooks has leaked online. The AMD Graphics Processing Unit, codenamed ‘Renoir’, has significant specifications and features which should give a tough competition to the equally placed options offered by major players in the mobile GPU segment.

AMD GPU ‘Renoir’ Specifications And Features:

The AMD GPU Codenamed ‘Renoir’ is supposed to be the new AMD Ryzen 4000 APU. However, the GPU or APU is supposed to be based on the new 7nm+ fabrication process, just like the third-gen Ryzen desktop CPUs, and hence, the performance metrics of the AMD Mobile GPU Codenamed ‘Renoir’ are quite impressive.

RX Vega 10 vs Renoir

The AMD Mobile GPU Codenamed ‘Renoir’ is supposed to be better than AMD RX Vega 11 or Ryzen iGPU. AMD appears to be focused on maintaining the thermal performance of the APU in addition to the specifications and features. The AMD Ryzen 4000 APU could be included in laptops with Ryzen 4000 series in the 15W and 45W variants.

According to previous reports, there appear to be 7 mobility Ryzen chips and 7 Ryzen Pro APUs. Moreover, AMD could also be offering a Ryzen 9 on the mobile platform. This premium AMD Mobile APU can be compared to Intel’s high-end Intel Core i9 chip.

Based on the leaks, AMD appears to have a wide range of APUs for laptops that are expected to sell in 2020. AMD seems determined to packing up to a Radeon Vega 13 on its laptop APUs, going all the way down to Vega 3. It is quite logical to expect these GPUs to have much higher clock speeds than what’s seen on the current lineup. The improvement is largely due to the 7nm manufacturing process.

The leaked specifications and features of the AMD Mobile GPU Codenamed ‘Renoir’ further indicate that AMD is going after Intel’s strong domains in a big way. After pushing Intel in the desktop CPU market with the attractively-priced and multi-threaded AMD Ryzen and Threadripper CPUs, AMD is now going after the laptop space as well. Intel, meanwhile, is still teasing about the Intel DG1 GPU.

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