AMD Might Release Only 5000 Units For the Radeon VII, Get It While It’s Hot!

Radeon VII came as a bit of a shocker to the world. Mainly because there were some very high hopes for the card. For many people, it didn’t fall quite in line with those expectations and disappointed in a few places. The Radeon VII (or Radeon 7 if you’re not from Rome in 300BC), was aptly named as it was AMD’s first show of their 7nm architecture. Priced at $699, it isn’t exactly “appealing” to the average gamer. Furthermore, with performance matching, if not slightly beating it out in some titles, that of the RTX 2080 minus the Tensor cores, it really is a questionable purchase.

What’s New

We have now learned, after some analyzation and speculation following, that the card is indeed just another refresh from AMD. The card is just another refresh AMD’s Vega line-up, which also happens to be updated to 7nm and the same 16GB HBM2 memory. Furthermore, the clocks are within spitting distance of those of the Radeon VII. The cut and dried of it all is that the Radeon VII is using the same Radeon Instinct Mi50 accelerator that AMD launched in November of 2018. Guess old habits die hard for AMD.

Now that we’ve explained what the card is exactly, we ought to let you know that it does come with its fair share of cons. Sources have come forward claiming that AMD will only be making less than 5000 Radeon VIIs. What’s more is there will not be an aftermarket or custom version of these cards, which would fall in line with the limited release claim.

Interestingly, AMD claims to be losing money on each Radeon VII sold. Maybe that has something to do with repurposing their existing chips but who really knows.

The cooler on the Radeon VII seems to work quite well, and quite silently at that. Many reviewers who were able to catch it in action at CES were reporting “whisper quiet” levels of sound and above average cooling. Though we should bear in mind that the chip does have a 300W TDP so it’s anybody’s call on what the cooling might be like.

For the most part, these cards are interesting and the performance figures are definitely an interesting read. Seeing AMD battling heads in the high-end graphics arena is always pleasant. Furthermore, given AMD’s history of knocking other companies down to size and consumer-oriented marketing strategies, maybe they can bring a change to an era and redefine what we all know now to be the “high-end” of gaming.

Radeon VII will be available and on shelves starting February 7th. With that said, Would you like to one of the lucky 5000-ish people to call yourself a Radeon VII owner?

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AMD Might Release Only 5000 Units For the Radeon VII, Get It While It’s Hot!

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