Rumor: AMD and MediaTek Allegedly Forming A Joint Venture To Develop Custom SoCs

AMD has a stronghold on the desktop and notebook PC market as we speak. However, it seems that the company is looking to extend their dominion to the mobile market, as well. DigiTimes has just reported that AMD and MediaTek are reportedly in talks to form a joint venture. This, of course, is only a rumor at this point so take everything said in this article with a heavy grain of salt.

According to DigiTimes, MediaTek and AMD are interested in forming a joint venture that would allow AMD to capture the mobile market share. The main goal here is allegedly the development of custom SoC solutions, such as 5G and Wi-Fi modems, amongst other high transmission tech. We’ve already seen a small partnership between AMD and MediaTek before in the form of AMD‘s RZ608 Wi-Fi chip that was just a rebranded MediaTek MT7921K.

That partnership was on a much smaller scale than what is supposedly in talks right now. If it were to go through, we could see a highly-collaborative effort between AMD and MediaTek where both use their specific expertise to craft something unique. The first thing that jumps to mind is a custom SoC developed by MediaTek with an RDNA GPU from AMD. AMD has already worked with another mobile giant, Samsung, to develop the Exynos 2200 SoC with RDNA2-powered graphics so this seems more than possible.

AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su confirming Exynos 2200 with an RDNA 2-powered GPU at CES 2021 | AMD

A joint venture between these two would allow them to bank on each other’s resources and tap into unexplored markets. For AMD, they could become a serious competitor in the mobile market space. Whereas, for MediaTek, the stakes lie in becoming a genuine threat to Qualcomm—its biggest competitor. MediaTek holds a vital position in the mid-range mobile segment right now and it’s looking to continue that lead. A partnership with AMD here could be just the thing to tip the balance in MediaTek’s favor in other segments of the market as well.

It’s worth nothing that MediaTek has already seen plenty of success with its Dimensity lineup of flagship SoCs. Instead of taking an approach similar to Qualcomm’s, MediaTek went the economical route and made all of its Dimensity chips affordable. That’s why even the top-of-the-line Dimensity 1200 is featured in upper-midrange devices. Another feature that sets these chips apart from the competition is their 5G support, all Dimesnity SoCs come with Sub-6Ghz 5G, even down to the cheapest Dimensity 700.

Perhaps, AMD could provide its graphical expertise in the equation and help MediaTek create a true rival to the best-in-class Qualcomm chips. Or, maybe the ultimate goal here is to be able to compete with Apple. As of now, though, things point to a partnership that benefits AMD as the company is looking to materialize MediaTek’s wireless communication chops and put them to use in the notebook market. This would allow AMD to be in control of almost all parts of a notebook as it (like many others) relies on Intel’s wireless communication modules for now. But, it won’t be senseless to say that a Dimensity SoC powered by AMD graphics is coming later down the line.

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Rumor: AMD and MediaTek Allegedly Forming A Joint Venture To Develop Custom SoCs

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