AMD May announce the RX 6700-series Graphics cards right after the Launch of the RTX 3060Ti

AMD is struggling with meeting the demand for the recently announced RX 6800-series and RX 6900XT graphics cards, based on the new RDNA2 architecture. The RX 6000-series  graphics cards are very similar in traditional rasterization performance compared to the respective RTX 30-series graphics cards. However, these graphics cards lack in terms of Ray-Tracing performance. Moreover, AMD has no answer to the DLSS employed by many games nowadays.

Now, leaks related to the mid-range RX 6700-series graphics cards have started to surface. These GPUs are expected to offer a taste of RDNA 2 at an affordable price. These GPUs will replace the RDNA based 5700-series graphics cards released last year. According to, the RX 6700XT will be based on the Navi 22 GPU, a step-down version of the Navi 21 present in the graphics cards released earlier.

Rumors point towards a 40CU configuration similar to the predecessor but with the additional bells and whistles of the new architecture. It will definitely be better in terms of performance and power efficiency. Speaking of efficiency, the RX 6700XT will come with the TGP (Total Graphic Power required by the GPU) of 186 to 211 watts. In comparison, the predecessor RX 5700XT has a TGP of 225W. Similarly, the RX 6700 graphics cards may have a TGP of 146 to 156 watts compared to RX 5700 with a TGP of 180 watts.

Other specifications include 12GB of GDDR6 memory with a 192-bit memory bus configuration. These graphics cards will also reportedly use AMD’s Infinity cache technology that significantly boosts gaming performance, especially at 1080p resolution. Lastly, AMD may reveal these graphics cards after the release of the RTX 3060Ti graphics card.

Mohsin Naeem
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AMD May announce the RX 6700-series Graphics cards right after the Launch of the RTX 3060Ti

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