AMD Launches Radeon FreeSync 2 HDR Oasis Demo To Showcase The Capabilities Of Freesync

It’s been a couple of years since FreeSync 2 was announced. Last year, we saw a number of Freesync 2 monitors hitting the shelves. For those who are unaware, Freesync is AMD’s iteration of adaptive synchronization technology. In simpler terms, it matches the monitor’s refresh rate to the render rate of the GPU. This reduces stuttering and screen tearing as compared to a normal monitor. Earlier, AMD used a windmill demo to showcase the benefits of this technology. But, it’s been a while since its release and it’s dated.

FreeSync 2 HDR Oasis Demo – Windmill Demo’s Successor

Today, AMD showcased their new FreeSync 2 HDR Oasis Demo. This demo essentially aims to do the same stuff as the FreeSync demo. However, it showcases the features of latest features of FreeSync 2 as well. Not only that, users also get access to a number of control features. As Wccftech reports, “The older demo only gave you a few controls over the image on screen which was basic at best, this time you’re in full control.  You get the ability to move forward and reverse along the timeline, control the panning speed, along with resolution, textures, view distance, and many more to really throw your system for a loop.

AMD is also planning to showcase the demo in retail stores. In a blog post, AMD adds: “In addition, we’re planning a program where people browsing monitors in retail stores will have better visibility on FreeSync and FreeSync 2 HDR products – stay tuned for more on that“.

Users who are looking to download the demo, need to wait a while. That is because it is not yet available for download. There is only a video available, which can be seen above. Clicking on the link in the description redirects to AMD’s website where further details about FreeSync 2 are explained. FreeSync 2 carries the baton of the former FreeSync by introducing a load of features. That includes, Low Frame Rate Compensation, guaranteed support for HDR content, and a low latency requirement.

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