AMD is working with its AIB partners and expects the prices of the RX 6800 series Graphics Cards to reach MSRP in 4 to 8 weeks

Like any gaming hardware launched within the past few months, AMD struggles to cater to the demand of the RX 6800 series and RX 6900XT graphics cards. The scalpers are making it difficult for gamers to purchase their intended hardware, bet it the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles and GPUs from Nvidia and AMD. No company has been able to address the situation at hand as the scalping practice, in this case, is completely legal.

The situation with AMD’s GPUs is particularly bad due to an insanely low supply. Many retailers did not even bother to put these cards up for pre-orders. More importantly, the graphics cards manufactured by the AIB partners are present at inflated prices. Retailers could only sell the reference GPUs at the announced MSRP, and these were sold out on the launch day. The AIB cards were launched a week after, and retailers are selling them at a markup from $81 to $251, depending upon the model.

According to a video from a YouTube channel called Hardware Unboxed, AMD is trying to figure out the solution to the insanely high prices of the AIB graphics cards. Steve from the channel had a private chat with representatives from AMD. AMD assured that they are working with their partners to ensure that the cards are available at MSRP. The process would take anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks so expect the price to become normal after that period.

Prices via VideoCardz

It seems AMD is aware of the inflated MSRP situation and working to rectify it. However, one must ask why was AMD allowing only a meager margin for its AIB partners in the first place? Is it due to competitive pricing or low supply, or even fake MSRPs?

Mohsin Naeem
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