AMD Grabbed $57.66 Million From Intel In Server CPU Market

Intel Market Share Declining Slowly

Ever since AMD EPYC server CPUs were released, AMD has been giving Intel a tough time. While Intel is still dominating the server market, team Red is gaining some ground. You need to realize that Intel has been dominating this space for a long time and it is not going to be quick to get to that level but AMD is still bringing some serious competition.

According to statistics from Mercury in Q2 2018, Intel server CPU market share fell from 99.5% to 98.7% and team Red market share increased to 1.3%. While that might not seem like much in percentages. AMD was able to make $57.66 million in revenue and this is Intel’s pie that AMD is eating out of. So you can imagine that this is a serious blow.

AMD has also confirmed that the next generation EPYC Rome CPUs based on the 7nm process are going to be sampled this year and will be coming out in 2019. Which process is better is debatable but one thing is for sure, AMD will have 7nm out a year before Intel moves from 14nm to 10nm. Intel lagging behind and this is not the only area.

AMD has also been delivering 8 cores and 16 threads in the consumer space for more than a year now and the new chips are based on the 12nm process. While we have heard that the Intel 9th generation will feature 8 cores, some might say that Intel is pretty late to the game and they would not be wrong in thinking so.

It will be interesting to see how Intel is going to keep up keeping in mind that the 10nm based chips are pretty far off. See how we are going to get the same node for another year, you should not expect too much when it comes to IPC gains or performance boosts. It will be interesting to see what the upcoming CPUs are going to offer and how they will compete with the previous generation chips as well as the competition. Intel needs to bring something more to the table, and fast. We are all waiting to be blown away.

Talha Amjad
Talha has been in the tech industry for the last 6 years and is a current member of the PC master race.

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AMD Grabbed $57.66 Million From Intel In Server CPU Market

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