AMD Overthrows Intel in Market Share as CPU Sales Fall to A 30-Year Low

According to a recent study, general economic factors like inflation and declining consumer demand have not spared desktop CPUs. Even though the IT sector’s Q2 results were lower than expected overall, AMD managed to have a strong quarter and overtake its main rival Intel.

According to Mercury Research, the annual fall in desktop CPU shipments last quarter was the largest since the company began collecting statistics in 1994. According to one analyst, this is the worst fall since 1984. Based on the research, declining OEM inventory levels and demand are the main driving forces.

This falling demand has resulted in negative news stories across a variety of industries as the pandemic seems to be coming to an end. Despite a 22% annual revenue reduction, Intel lost half a billion dollars. The gaming income for Nvidia fell by one-third.

AMD recorded a rise in revenue of 70% year over a year earlier this month, temporarily surpassing Intel in terms of market value. The report shows promising progress AMD demonstrating that they are outpacing Intel in several markets.

Image: TechSpot

Similar patterns were seen in the Steam hardware survey from last month, as AMD’s CPU share increased by 2.22 percent from the month before.

This year, both Intel and AMD intend to release new desktop CPUs. The Ryzen 7000 series from AMD will go on sale the following month, while the 13th generation CPUs from Intel may debut in October. While Intel postponed its Sapphire Rapids server CPUs, presumably into 2023, AMD also plans to release new Epyc server processors later this year.


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