AMD Fails to Launch its HYPR-RX Technology Despite Given Timeline

The launch window for AMD’s HYPR-RX performance-boosting technology has ended, indicating the company misplaced its focus. There is still no official release date for the much anticipated “One-Click” button that integrates many AMD HYPR-RX technologies.

To review, in November of 2022, AMD released the RX 7900 XTX and RX 7900 XT as their flagship GPUs, coupled with an announcement of the HYPR-RX technology. It’s envisioned as a “one-click” solution that activates AMD Anti-Lag, Radeon Boost, and Radeon Super Resolution (RSR) to improve performance.

These techniques have been around for quite some time now. For this reason, AMD intended to bundle all of these capabilities into a single offering.


Anti-Lag is AMD’s solution to input lag, which it does by closing the gap between the user’s input and the display of that input. For competitive games where every millisecond counts, this is perfect. When enabled, Radeon Boost reduces the resolution in fast-paced situations, allowing for faster frame rates to be achieved with less overall quality loss. With this function, it is much simpler to play action-packed games, as all the action can be clearly seen.

The final upscaling method is Radeon Super Resolution, which is very similar to FSR 1.0 but instead modifies the driver platform rather than the game itself. Because it does not rely on developer support, the feature is now accessible on any game. It also aids in obtaining a higher frame rate, making it suitable even for devices with limited resources.

Has AMD Forgotten the HYPR-RX Technology?

Despite AMD’s promised introduction of the HYPR-RX technology in the first half of 2023, it has yet to appear. Similar to HYPR-RX, the company announced FSR 3FidelityFX Super Resolution 3” on the same day, but no release date was provided. Starfield, one of AMD’s most prominently supported games, currently only supports FSR 2, so we won’t be able to witness the new upscaling technology in action until at least Q3 2023.

Since Anti-Lag, Radeon Boost, and RSR may all be activated independently using AMD’s Adrenaline program, the feature’s significance is limited. Nonetheless, had the function been tested, it would have contributed significantly more.

Source: VideoCardz


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