AMD Sets Eyes On 10th November to Unveil Zen4 Based EPYC Genoa Server Lineup

AMD’s Genoa lineup is targeted for the workstation department powering heavy workloads. The highest end EPYC 9664 is tipped to be fastest x86-64 ISA chip in the market crushing Intel at all fronts. Team blue, due to various delays still has not launched its answer to AMD’s Milan (last gen EPYC series). The Genoa lineup may as well be the final nail in the coffin for Intel. 

Genoa Inbound

AMD in a press-release set eyes on the 10th of November to unveil the long-awaited Genoa CPUs. The live event will take place at 10AM PT on Thursday. Those interested can tune into AMD’s YouTube channel or to watch the live event unfold.

Today, AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) announced “together we advance_data centers,” an in-person and livestreamed event to unveil the next generation of AMD EPYC data center processors. AMD executives, along with other key ecosystem partners, will present details on the next generation data center processor and solutions.


Genoa will arrive in 3 flavours namely;

  • Genoa (Standard Genoa)
  • Bergamo (Density Optimized)
  • Genoa-X (Cache Optimized)

These CPUs will be built on TSMC’s 5nm fabrication process and will make use of AMD’s Zen4 architecture.

Leaked Genoa Lineup | yuuki_ans

Standard Genoa

The standard Genoa lineup features the EPYC 9654 as the highest end offering with 96 cores / 192 threads. This CPU is packed with 12CCDs.


Bergamo is the density optimized version of Genoa aimed at handling massive amounts of data. The flagship CPU from Bergamo is the EPYC 9754 equipped with a whopping 128 cores and 256 threads. 


Genoa-X is the V-Cache equipped variant of Genoa having Gigabyte(s) of cache. The fastest Genoa-X CPU is the EPYC 9684X with 96 cores / 192 threads and a massive 1.152GB of L3 cache.

EPYC 9684X 12 CCDs96/192 (Cores/Threads)1152 MB L3 Cache
EPYC 9384X4-8 CCDs32/64 (Cores/Threads)384-768 MB L3 Cache
EPYC 9284X4-8 CCDs24/48 (Cores/Threads)384-768 MB L3 Cache
EPYC 9184X4-8 CCDs16/32 (Cores/Threads)384-768 MB L3 Cache



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