AMD Follows NVIDIA And Joins The Blender Foundation Development Fund at Patron Level

After NVIDIA, AMD has joined the Blender Foundation Development fund. Similar to the GTX Graphics Cards maker, the Radeon and Vega Graphics Card and technology developer has joined the foundation at the Patron level. The Patron level sponsor is the highest possible level of participation and entitles several added responsibilities and privileges. This is certainly great news for developers, coders, gamers, graphics and multimedia editors as both the mainstream graphics companies are now part of the Blender Foundation. Needless to add, there are very few companies that have joined the Blender Foundation Development fund at the Patron level.

AMD Joins NVIDIA And EPIC Games At Patron Level, And Promises To Allocate Appropriate Resources:

The Patron Level membership is the highest level of the Blender Foundation Development Fund. It was EPIC Games that first joined at this level followed by NVIDIA. AMD is the most recent and the third member to join at this level. Blender Foundation works to develop 3D creation software. It is by far one of the most sophisticated platforms which help in creating hyper-realistic artwork that can be considered studio-grade. Game developers actively use the Blender 3D development platform to lend ultra-realistic graphics and visuals to their creations.

As Patron-level members, both AMD and NVIDIA will contribute at least €120k per year to the foundation. Additionally, AMD and NVIDIA are expected to keep a small number of developers dedicated to developing and improving the Blender Foundation’s core. While NVIDIA will certainly ensure the Blender platform tightly integrates and supports its own GPU technology, AMD will ensure its Vulkan GPU technology is supported optimally.

In fact, the Blender Foundation mentioned the sponsor money will be used for general development as well as for supporting their migration to Vulkan and supporting other AMD technologies. What this clearly means is that Blender Vulkan acceleration could be a reality in the near future. AMD is not new to such collaboration. While this is the first time for the company to support a foundation at the patron level, AMD has collaborated with Blender for the improvement of OpenCL. Moreover, the company has also been involved in AMD Radeon ProRender development and customization for Blender.

Why Joining The Blender Foundation Development Fund At Patron Level Is Important For NVIDIA And AMD:

The Blender Foundation Development Fund’s Patron Level membership is also called as ‘Corporate Patron’. It starts at €120k per year. According to the Blender Foundation’s website, “this membership level is for organizations who want the option to monitor in more detail what will get funded with their contributions.” The membership grants participants direct access to the Blender team for strategical discussions. Moreover, the Blender’s platform’s roadmaps and priorities are also aligned with their requirements. As a sign of respect, the Blender Foundation prominently displays the names and logos of Patron Level members in all official publications by Blender Foundation as well as the main website.

The Blender platform runs on a Python controlled interface. It has a large and active community of developers who create hundreds of add-ons. Owing to the versatility, and efficiency of the platform, Blender is used in nearly all forms of digital multimedia creation. The inclusion of production-ready camera and object tracking allows developers many new avenues. If that’s not enough, the platform has a powerful unbiased path-tracer engine that offers stunning ultra-realistic rendering.

These aforementioned attributes make the Blender platform an invaluable asset for both NVIDIA and AMD. Both companies have been making powerful graphics cards for a long time. The inclusion, integration, and optimization of a 3D software platform should certainly help them make even better hardware.

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AMD Follows NVIDIA And Joins The Blender Foundation Development Fund at Patron Level

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