AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution Goes Live, Here’s How it Performs

AMD FSR has finally launched, and if you have a supported GPU, you can enable it now on a limited number of launch titles. This is a significant launch for the red camp as FSR is AMD’s alternative to Nvidia’s DLSS technology.

How does it perform? Well, looking at the recently released benchmarks, FSR can range from being good to just Meh! While the quality presets manage to hit the sweet spot, the performance mode offers little against traditional upscaling.

AMD FSR Presets

AMD FSR Quality Details Source – Videocardz

FSR comes with four presets, Ultra Quality, Quality, Balanced, and Performance. The “Quality” presets focus on delivering a healthy performance uplift without having a noticeable impact on image quality. The “Performance” preset aims to deliver the highest fps possible and aggressively cuts down on the render resolution, noticeably impacting image quality.

The  infographic above also lays down the exact difference between the native resolution and the rendered resolution, and this is where the performance uplift comes from. Again, FSR works on all resolutions, but the performance benefit doesn’t scale linearly.


AMD FSR Performance Source – Videocardz

The good news! FSR actually works well in a lot of scenarios and offers a substantial performance uplift. That said, performance is only a part of the equation, and FSR also has to deliver on image quality. Unfortunately, that is where AMD’s implementation can falter a bit.

According to reviewers, FSR shines in the “Ultra Quality” preset, and the performance uplift is quite significant (25%-40%). Moreover, this is achieved with little to no downside in image quality.

This changes substantially with the more performance-oriented presets. In the “performance” preset, players can potentially double their fps, but the tradeoff in image quality is massive. The resulting image is often blurry with a substantial loss of details and highlights. For most players, the Quality presets will offer the best experience.

You can read more about AMD FSR here.

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