Marketing Director Robert Hallock Resigns From AMD Amid Ryzen 7000 Series Launch

Robert Hallock, AMD’s director of technical marketing, made the announcement on LinkedIn that he was leaving the business after 12 years.

Hallock served as the company’s public face, speaking with the AMD fan community on Reddit, Discord, YouTube, and other channels in addition to briefing the media.

Commenting on his experience in the company Robert said:

Over the years, I’ve had the honor and privilege of publicly teaching others about some truly stellar innovation: the Zen core family, 3D V-Cache, chiplet packaging, HBM memory, FreeSync, low-overhead graphics APIs, and much more. After working in both graphics and processors for roughly 6 years each, I’ve learned so much.”

Hallock hasn’t specified his next destination. He stated on LinkedIn that he would be travelling as he considered his next course of action. Hallock is just one of many well-known AMD employees who have left in recent years.

Raja Koduri, who oversaw Radeon at AMD until 2017, now oversees Intel’s graphics division, which includes Arc. After 17 years in a career that began at ATI, Chris Hook, who was then the senior director of global product marketing, retired in 2018. Jim Anderson, the general manager and senior vice president of the computing and graphics business, resigned his position in the same year.

Who will replace Hallock at AMD is unknown. Prior to publication, AMD declined a request for comment; but, if they do, we’ll update. Just before AMD’s Ryzen 7000 desktop CPUs, which are based on the 5nm Zen 4 architecture, go on sale Robert has decided to part his ways.

The release date of those chips is September 27, therefore AMD needs to quickly find a replacement if it wants a public spokesperson to describe what PC manufacturers will gain from them.

The strict competition in the industry has led to multiple resignations and hires. It is interesting to see how AMD copes up with such twist of events.


Muhammad Zuhair

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