AMD Developing Their Version of RTX Voice But For AMD GPUs

AMD accidentally leaked a video teaser for their yet to release noise surpression technology.

Nvidia’s RTX Voice was launched 2 years ago with the promise of being a capable live noise surpressing software. To everyone’s surprise, RTX Voice worked better than anything in the market while not costing more than an RTX capable GPU. RTX Voice works based on AI through the Tensor cores available in RTX GPUs.

This didn’t just launch as RTX Voice, but as a complete package under the name of ‘RTX Broadcast‘ featuring support for live video background removal, without an actual greenscreen using AI to detect the background. RTX Voice can be configured to run on non-RTX GPUs (Provided they have CUDA support).

RTX Voice does come at the cost of some performance (~5-10%), however, if the framerate is capped while streaming/recording then no issues will appear if an RTX GPU is used. RTX Broadcast does add to the amount of features you can obtain from NVIDIA GPUs, creating massive appeal for them in the streaming community.

It seems AMD is following in NVIDIA’s footsteps, just 2 years later. Its still not sure how well AMD’s surpression technology will fare against NVIDIA’s tested and tried RTX Voice and whether any specific hardware requirement will be a must. 

AMD Noise Surpression | AMD

AMD’s version of RTX Voice will work in the same way as NVIDIA, the software (in this case, the AMD Software Adrenalin Driver) will accept input and apply some filtering and voil√†, your teammates wont be able to hear those ‘slight‘ disturbances in the background. It is expected to launch with AMD’s next driver update, so buckle up gamers as we push AMD’s noise surpression tech to its limits. 


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