AMD CES 2020 Live Stream Timing And Details Announced With ‘Push The Tech Envelop’ Message

The CES 2019 may officially begin on January 7, 2020, but AMD is determined to get a head start. The company has officially confirmed that it will hold a press conference at CES 2020 a day earlier on January 6, 2020. The conference and keynote would be hosted by AMD’s CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. AMD has claimed that it will “Push the envelope once again making 2020 an incredible year for high-performance computing”.

Several big consumer and enterprise tech companies traditionally reserve the day before Consumer Electronics Show or CES to make some big announcement and offer a sneak peek about the latest product launches and technologies they have been working on. Following the same pattern, AMD will be holding its CES 2020 press conference on Monday, the 6th of January. Given the fact that AMD has had one of the most progressive years in 2019, the company is expected to offer some new products that could be based on the recently introduced architecture and platforms.

AMD To “Push The High-Performance Computing Envelope” At Live-Stream Event On January 6, 2020:

In addition to the standard press announcement, AMD has been persistently teasing about the CES 2020 conference and claiming that it will be something special. The company claimed, “At CES 2020, AMD will push the envelope yet again to make 2020 an incredible year for high-performance computing.” A live stream of the AMD press conference will be available on the dedicated AMD YouTube link. An archived version of the webcast will be available approximately two hours after the event and can be found on the AMD YouTube channel.

AMD has been one of the most prominent companies in the consumer tech world, particularly in the prosumer computing and gaming segments. The company successfully moved its entire line of  CPUs and GPUs to the new 7nm fabrication process technology. AMD aggressively launched several new products in nearly every price, performance, and purpose segment. The most interesting, well priced, and well-received AMD products that launched in 2019 include 3rd Gen Ryzen and Ryzen Threadripper desktop CPUs, 2nd Generation EPYC Rome server CPUs and the Radeon RX 5000 series mobility and desktop GPUs.

What Products Or Technologies Will AMD Launch Or Announce At CES 2020?

It is important to note that the CES 2020 is a consumer-oriented show. Hence the AMD CEO would obviously focus on consumer-oriented products, platforms, and services rather than corporate, enterprise and data center type products. Although AMD has promised to “Push the Envelop”, it is quite likely the company was referring to offering better products on preexistent platforms and architecture.

The AMD ZEN 2 Architecture is quite nascent and still a long way to go. Nonetheless, AMD is already deep in the development of the ZEN 3 Architecture, which strives to remove most performance bottlenecks when CPU, GPU, and RAM work in sync at the highest possible frequencies.

Interestingly, Twitter tech commenter @RetiredEngineer shared a clipping from a major Taiwanese newspaper which suggests that Lisa Su will provide some ZEN 3 details during the CES 2020 presentation. Moreover, the newspaper report provided a handy cut-out-and-keep chart of what AMD is likely to announce throughout CES 2020.

As can be clearly seen from the newspaper clippings, AMD is most likely to stick to the ZEN 3-based products. Some of the most notable mentions include the Ryzen 4000 APU family known as ‘Renoir’. The AMD Renoir APU lineup is based on the new 7nm ZEN 2 platform, which should have a huge performance increase over existing Zen+ based Ryzen 3000 APUs. Also included is the Ryzen 4000 ‘Vermeer’ CPUs, which is based on the new ZEN 3 architecture and produced on the 7nm+ process.

Although consumer-centric, AMD is also expected to showcase the powerful server-grade EPYC-series processors, codenamed ‘Milan’. Based on the 7nm+ fabrication process, these CPUs have the new ZEN 3 architecture.

Prosumers, serious gamers, and multimedia editing professionals would be eagerly anticipating the announcement of the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 4000 CPUs, codenamed ‘Genesis Peak’. These top-end AMD CPUs are based on the ZEN 3 architecture and are expected to outperform the rival Intel CPUs by a wide margin.

Although the ZEN 3 architecture hasn’t even been in the mainstream market long, AMD is already working on the ZEN 4 architecture. ZEN 3 is certainly AMD’s next-generation high-performance core architecture, which would go on to power their future Ryzen, Ryzen Threadripper, and EPYC CPUs.

Essentially, the focus could be largely on AMD’s premium CPUs and processors, but there is a lot of talk about the high-end AMD Navi GPUs. Based on the 2nd Generation RDNA architecture, these GPUs are eagerly anticipated. Based on the new 7nm+ technology, they are expected to feature hardware-accelerated ray tracing along with other key features such as more compute, more high bandwidth memory design.

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AMD CES 2020 Live Stream Timing And Details Announced With ‘Push The Tech Envelop’ Message

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