AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su Shares How She Took AMD to New Heights

In an interview with the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund, Dr. Lisa Su, chief executive officer of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD), discussed her company’s present performance, the industry as a whole, and the significance of employee productivity.

During the conversation, Dr. Su also discussed some of her greatest moments from her time working at her firm. She named receiving a new product for the first time as one of her favorites. She said that AMD’s capability to operate at the cutting edge of technological advancement attracted her to the firm. The businesswoman also talked about her early years, detailing how her parents’ passions in science and engineering influenced her choices in later life. They inspired her to learn more about these subjects and gave her the impression that she might use them to make a difference in the world.

When discussing her turnaround at AMD, the executive emphasized that some of the most important choices she made as CEO were concentrating on the company’s products, identifying which technical areas were at a critical point, and developing strong connections with consumers. The CEO also went into further detail about her concept of extreme communication, which calls for repeatedly stating the objectives, choices, and actions necessary to attain objectives. 

Dr. Su is also certain that the high-performance and adaptive computing sectors in which her business competes are secular and will continue to experience growth in demand over time. Being able to distinguish one’s products from others and demonstrate how value may be added when compared to rival items is essential for survival in this business, which has a small number of competitors and fierce rivalry.

Geopolitical conditions are crucial for AMD, and Dr. Su said the following on this front:

Well I do think it is a first-order consideration, and our goal is to know..of course you know all of the different pieces. I mean you know we are a U.S. company, and so from that standpoint, given some of the national security concerns, we are certainly very cognizant of that. On the other piece of it, we do operate in very global markets and we have a great set of partners across the world. And our employees are frankly all across the world. And so you know in this place I think we have very much tried to have the balance between all the various constituents and you know we continue to believe that’s the way to operate in this, you know in this, current time.” 

It’s important to break down long-term objectives into manageable steps while creating exceptional goods. AMD started working on its Zen CPUs five years before they were released and concentrated on dominating the market by setting incremental targets and evaluating its success against them.

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