AMD To Tease the B650 & B650E Motherboards On the 4th Of October

AMD announced its Ryzen 7000 lineup last month along with the new AM5 platform. The Zen4 CPUs are supported across the X670/X670E and the B650/B650E motherboards. Team red making AM5 more accessible announced that the cheapest B650 motherboards will cost around $125. You can read more about this here.


The B650/B650E motherboards are aimed at the mainstream market and those looking for a cost-effective solution. This chipset acts as the direct successor of the B550 platform featuring support for RDNA 2 iGPUs, which will be included with the Ryzen 7000 CPUs. 

Today, AMD announced that it will unveil the B650/B650E chipsets on the 4th of October during a 60 minute long webinar. During their ‘Meet the Experts’ event, expect more information from AIB partners such as ASUS, GIGABYTE, ASRock, BIOSTAR & MSI

The Webinar

Get the first look at the new AMD AM5 B650E and B650 motherboards, supporting the recently announced AMD Ryzen™ 7000 Series processors. Bringing the power of DDR5 memory and PCIe® 5.0 technologies to bear, the AM5 platform introduces more performance, power, and possibilities than ever before.

In this webinar, join experts JJ Guerrero, Edwin Chiang, Michiel Berkhout, Kevin Shieh, and Anny Hsu. Learn about upcoming motherboards from partners such as ASRock, BIOSTAR, ASUS, MSI, and GIGABYTE, on how their AM5 motherboards introduce cutting-edge features to the market and unlock the full power of AMD Ryzen™ 7000 Series processors.

What we’ll cover:

  • A sneak peek at Socket AM5 B650E and B650 motherboards
  • AM5 B650E and B650 motherboard lineup, specifications, and features from ASUS, GIGABYTE, ASRock, MSI, and BIOSTAR
  • How the Socket AM5 platform and AMD Ryzen™ 7000 Series processors deliver incredible performance

Register for the live-event here

MSI X670 Motherboard | MSI

Release Date

While AMD did not officially announce a release date for the B650/B650E motherboards, we expect to launch week(s) after the announcement. However, if you opt for the higher end X670/X670E variants, they will retail by the 27th of September. Do bear in mind, the prices for the motherboards have been bumped up significantly this time as compared to last-Gen.


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