Apple and AMD Remove Intel Components from their Current Product Lineups

Apple has managed to get rid of the leftover parts of Intel technology in its Mac laptops. iFixIt, a repair instructions and tools expert, recently disassembled one of the most current MacBooks (an M2 processor model) and discovered that Intel USB4 timer chips from prior versions had been replaced with another brand.

This component change was found in an iFixIt Teardown last week, as observed by Twitter user SkyJuice, and it represents a tragic moment for Intel in its Apple partnership. Two chips with the codename ‘U09PY3’ may be seen in the magnified detail motherboard image. Previous MacBooks appeared to have used Intel’s JHL8040R Retimer processors for USB4 and Thunderbolt connectivity.

Image: IFixIt

The source suggests that the new U09PY3 USB4 retimer chip is a bespoke design, and the marks in the image provide no other information. Apple has not made any public statements regarding this move, and it is not anticipated to do so. This chip was most likely altered for supply chain or cost reasons. Another possibility for a move is displeasure with the Intel JHL8040R retimer, although we haven’t heard anything about th

Other than Intel, SkyJuice pointed out that AMD’s newest Rembrandt laptops have avoided any Intel USB4 connection. Instead, AMD has used retimers like the KB8001 ‘Matterhorn’ from Swiss company Kandou. According to this business, their USB4 retimer chips are “used in devices from five of the top six PC OEMs.” Furthermore, its USB4 retimer is backwards compatible with all SoC platforms.

The exclusion of Intel’s hardware might be due to a variety of factors, including company discontent or a change in supplying vendors. However, neither company has issued an official comment, so only time will tell why the move was made.

Muhammad Zuhair
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