AMD Announces The Radeon Pro V340 To Come With Dual Vega Chips And 32GB ECC HBM2 Memory

Announced at VMworld in Las Vegas

AMD’s Vega hasn’t seen a lot of success in the mainstream consumer graphics card market, Nvidia has been stomping AMD there. With the announcements of the RTX series from Nvidia, AMD probably wouldn’t be releasing any cards for gaming this year.

But that hasn’t stopped AMD from competiting in the professional market. They had announced the Radeon Pro cards which were priced considerably lower than their Nvidia counterparts. AMD had gone with the HBM2 memory architecture for their Vega cards and Nvidia went with the GDDR architecture. Although HBM2 has more bandwidth than GDDR, Nvidia has better compression and efficiency than AMDs implementation, so they could stick to GDDR. Also HBM2 is actually pretty costly to manufacturer, so AMD couldn’t price their mainstream Vega cards competitively, namely the Vega 64 and the Vega 56. But this increased bandwidth does help in professional use and even in servers, where higher bandwidth means better performance.

That is why AMD recently announced the Radeon Pro V340 which is based on AMD’s current generation Vega architecture. This card has not 1, but 2 Vega chips inside them. This card will come with 32GB of ECC HBM2 memory. AMD stated that the V340 would be able to power up to 32 1GB virtual machines, which also outperforms Nvidia’s Tesla based implementations by 33 percent.

The Radeon Pro 340 also has a onboard security processor with secure boot and storage encryption, because it is a enterprise solution. AMD has also implemented a smart Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution, to compete with Nvidia’s grid. This card will be able to integrated encode engine capable of independently compressing video streams in H.264 and H.265, which will exert less load on the CPU.

AMD didn’t give a exact date for the launch, but they stated that it will drop in Q4 of 2018. Pricing hasn’t been announced as of now.

Indranil Chowdhury
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