AMD Announces RDNA3 Mobile GPUs

CES 2023 was bound to bring many surprises and we can safely say that we just witnessed one. With little to no prior leaks, AMD has finally revealed the RDNA3 mobility lineup. The performance of these GPUs seems incredible, and will NVIDIA finally have some competition? You’ll know very soon.

RDNA3 Mobility GPUs

Lisa showcased the upcoming RDNA3 mobility GPUs which include the Radeon RX 7600M XT, the RX 7600M, the RX 7700S, and the RX 7600S. These GPUs are fabricated on a 6nm process node and offer 32MB of Infinity Cache. The entire lineup is equipped with 8GB of GDDR6 memory. 

RDNA3 Mobile GPUs

The highest-end offering or the Radeon RX 7600M XT GPU offers 32 RDNA3 CUs or 2048 Shading Units. Packed with 8GB of GDDR6 memory over a 128-bit bus, this GPU offers a massive performance increment over last-gen. The TDP varies from 75W120W, making it suitable for a wide variety of consumers. The 7600M non-XT features 4 fewer CUs and slightly slower memory. 

Radeon RX 7600M XT

After that, we have the RX 7000S lineup for ‘Thin & Light High Framerate Gaming‘. AMD has introduced the RX 7700S and the RX 7600S, where both of these GPUs have similar specs to the 7600M series, though with a smaller TDP. 


At 1080p, the RX 7600M XT is much faster than the last generation’s RX 6600M 8GB. In almost every game, the 7600M XT has a huge lead in performance.  

RX 7600M XT Performance

You know this GPU packs a punch when AMD decides to compare it against an RTX 3060. Across a wide variety of games, the 7600M XT always remains ahead of NVIDIA’s desktop RTX 3060

RX 7600M XT Performance

The RX 7700S is the same story, with it beating the last-gen based 6700S by a huge margin. In most games, the RDNA3-based 7700S breaks the 100 FPS barrier, at 1080p max settings. The only exceptions are Cyberpunk, but 87 FPS is still very respectable. 

RX 7700S Performance

Release Date

Team red confirms that 4 different laptops will feature these next-gen GPUs under the umbrella of AMD Advantage laptops. We should see these GPUs in action sometime around February, or next month.


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