AMD Adopts New Look For Radeon: Logo Redesigned To Follow the Ryzen Theme

AMD has been in the GPU business for quite some time now. Although it is a huge improvement from what we saw it to be in the beginning, it continues to play the underdog. That is expected though when the rival company is NVIDIA and its GeForce lineup. AMD often, even with its processors, attracts the budget buyer. Now, we’ll see these GPUs and CPUs in the upcoming consoles too.

According to an article from VideoCardz, the company has rebranded its Radeon logo for the 5th time. Unlike the NVIDIA camp, AMD tends to change this quite often. It is perhaps to show the progression in technology and change to show a “new” picture. Now, going back to the news and how we got it. According to the article, there was a video published yesterday on the Gearbox’s Youtube channel. In the video, by the end, we saw a couple of logos like Gearbox’s logo, PS5’s and finally the brand new Radeon Logo. It shows that the company is going towards a standardised approach. This is because the logo seems right in the lines of the AMD Ryzen logo. It is quite smart too because the idea with promotions is to establish a look. Every brand does it.

Radeon Logo evolution over the years – Video Cardz

Similarly, the article talks about this branding going on to its new cards. Now, we do not know which card would be the first to see this logo. According to the article, we may see it on the upcoming Renoir AM4 (4000G series) APU. If not, another likely contender would be the Radeon RX 6000 series of GPUs. This is because this features the new Big Navi architecture. This is a new and powerful platform and a new logo, a new look would serve it quite well.


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