Mystery AMD Next-Gen 7nm ZEN 3 ‘Milan’ EPYC Processor Appears Online, Likely Early Engineering Sample

It appears AMD is truly on track with development, testing, and eventual mass production of its next-gen ZEN 3 based CPUs. Multiple processors from different service categories are appearing online, indicating AMD could very well launch the next-gen processors before 2020 ends. The latest to make an appearance is AMD EPYC ‘Milan’ based on the 7nm Fabrication Node and packing ZEN 3 cores.

A few details about an unknown processor belonging to AMD seems to strongly suggest the company is actively developing and testing its next-gen ZEN 3 based products. The latest information appearing online appears to be about the successor of AMD EPYC ‘Rome’ generation of server-grade CPUs. The AMD EPYC ‘Milan’ series of CPUs are expected to launch alongside the commercial, desktop, and laptop grade AMD products in this year itself.

Early Engineering Sample Details Possibly Belonging To Next-Gen ZEN 3 AMD EPYC ‘Milan’ Server-Grade CPU Appear Online:

The new listing of yet unreleased ZEN 3-based EPYC processor appeared online. The listing mentions ‘AMD eng sample: 100-000000114-07_22/15)_N’. Interestingly, the data reveals the frequency configuration for the processor. However, there’s no mention of the Core configuration.

According to the leak, the processor features a Base Clock of 1.5 GHz and a Boost Clock speed of 2.2 GHz. Needless to add, these are very low numbers and clearly imply the marking of an early engineering sample. Even the previous generations AMD EPYC processors have shown such low clock speeds in their early stages of development. However, final or commercially-ready products have featured clock speeds in excess of 3.0 GHz.

[Image Credit: WCCFTech]
AMD ‘Milan’ is also reportedly known as ‘Genesis’, its other internal codename. The previous generation, AMD EPYC ‘Rome’ also had another codename ‘Starship’. The upcoming ZEN 3-based EPYC series are likely to be called 7xx3 Series when it launches. Incidentally, these powerful server-application processors are expected in late 2020. The company itself has confirmed that the Milan-based EPYC series will ship “late 2020”.

AMD’s EPYC platform has been quite successful for the company since its introduction. The company has managed to scale up its market share in the server market, which was dominated by Intel with its Xeon series. AMD’s current generation of CPUs and APUs, based on the ZEN 2 architecture is leading in the specifications and new technology adoption, including support for PCIe 4.0.

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Mystery AMD Next-Gen 7nm ZEN 3 ‘Milan’ EPYC Processor Appears Online, Likely Early Engineering Sample

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