AMD 7nm Chips Build Pressure On Intel To Release Something New

10nm Is Still Far Away

AMD 7nm chips are going to be sampled later this year, according to the announcements made at Computex 2018 and the CPU roadmaps that we have seen so far. The current CPUs that AMD has on the market are based on the 12nm process. Which process is better is debatable but it is safe to say that Intel is lagging behind not only in the core wars but also in the node war.

AMD Ryzen 7 already offers 8 cores and 16 threads and has been doing so for a more than a year now. Although we have heard that Intel will release 8 core and 16 thread variants in the upcoming 9th generation team Blue is not only late to the game, it is also interesting to note that these chips will be based on the 14nm process that we have been seeing for years now.

AMD 7nm chips
AMD’s x86 CORES Roadmap

The AMD 7nm chips are expected to release next year and according to the official statement from Intel, the 10nm process will be ready in time to get chips to market in the second half of 2019. That will not be enough. Also, that is what Intel would have you believe. The chips have been delayed multiple times and there have been reports that the chips are not going to be released on time, even next year.

Intel used to be the dominating company when it came to the CPU market but since AMD has come back it has got a lot of traction and taken back a chunk of the market share and Intel is slowly but surely losing that market dominance that it took for granted a few years back. Keeping in mind that the upcoming CPUs are based on the 14nm++ process you should not expect too much when it comes to performance boosts and IPC gains.

The AMD 7nm chips could be the final nail in the collin. Then again this is a grave that Intel dug for itself. It took market leadership for granted and now look where that has got the company. It will be interesting to see how Intel is going to counter the AMD 7nm chips.

Talha Amjad
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AMD 7nm Chips Build Pressure On Intel To Release Something New

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