AMD’s 3D V-Cache Technology Has Significantly Improved with Zen4

AMD is renowned for its 3D vertical cache technology that was introduced back with its Zen3 CPUs. They acted as a refresh so that AMD was able to compete against Intel’s Alder Lake.

AMD’s 3D V-Cache is basically stacking cache chips over the core complex that increases the L3 Cache. This works for AMD because their chips are based on TSMC’s process node due to their everlong partnership. 

So what’s the difference in performance, you may ask? The R7 5800X3D can deliver up to 30% more performance than Intel’s i9-12900K. The 3D V-Cache utilizes the same chip, however, with way more cache. Often, the core clocks are reduced to make up for a respectable power consumption. 

Over at Twitter, Greymon55 told us that AMD’s upcoming Zen 4 will have better heat dissipation performance as compared to Zen 3. It will still be the same ‘stacking more cache on the CCD’, however, massive gains in speed are promised.

Greymon55 about Zen4’s 3D Cache Performance

AMD plans to launch its Zen4 CPUs on the 15th of September. These variants from AMD basically act as a ‘fail safe’ if plans go south against Raptor Lake. Do note that these CPUs will not launch this year (most probably) and are planned for 2023 (mid-late, most likely).


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