AMD’s New Drivers Boost Performance In Unigine By 12%

Just yesterday, AMD rolled out its new drivers which introduced many features such as AMD Noise Suppression and improved performance in various games and softwares.

One major optimization was made to AMD’s OpenGL API implementation. 

@carygolomb tested the Ryzen 7 6800U to prove AMD’s claims and to everyone’s surprise he saw an increase in performance of around 12% in Unigine Heaven OpenGL. This benchmark is not that new, however, it shows that AMD has finally been able to step up its driver game enhancing performance in older APIs.

In the test, the Ryzen 7 6800U was tweaked to consume only 10W of power. The iGPU showed massive gains as compared to older drivers. The 6800U based on the old drivers scored just 804 points, whereas the latest drivers boost this score upto 900 points which is a whopping 12% increase in performance.

Ryzen 7 6800U Old Drivers | carygolomb
Ryzen 7 6800U New Drivers | carygolomb

These results show promising gains, as games such as Minecraft utilize the OPENGL API. Many AMD GPUs had their fair share of problems while running games on this API. AMD’s own numbers promise a performance boost of around 92% in Minecraft with the RX 6950XT, and around 75% with the RX 6400.

AMD’s New Driver Performance Boost | AMD

These new drivers are now available for download


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